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We selling computers, navigations (GPS), tablets, smartphones, game consoles and they accsessories. Repair/Maintenance: If you have whatever that „Lag“, „freeze“, „dead“, „not turning on“, „not lighting up“, „not show up“… or questions: „Where this table come from?“, „Where my data gone?“, „Why image not show up?“, „What is my password? “ or maybe just want to talk, we are waiting for you in Šiauliai, address Tilžės 126b., near Shopping mall “Saulės miestas”.

“ARMODE electronics”-when others say-another time... we say-Now!!! When others say-No!... we say-Yes!!! We not afraid of new challenges or new technologies, we not limit ourselves in what we can do, we improving ourselves and chasing new technologies every day...

Domas Petraukas, Director